※ 当講座は座学やワークショップの授業だけでなく、協働でテキスト作りや指導方法の議論を深めるため、参加者の積極的な提案や主体性が求められます。初回のオリエンテーションで上記の対象項目から分野を選択し、開講期間を通じて、それぞれに担当分野についてのリサーチやテキスト化を行います。最終回では英語のプレゼンや指導書を参加者同士で共有できるパッケージとして完成させます。


講師Tuula Moilanen、楚山俊雄、楚山哲雄、後藤英彦(講師略歴はコチラ
参加費¥30,000 (税別)
日時2017年 10/20(金)、11/18日(土)、12/16(土)
2018年 1/20(土)、2/17(土)、3/24(土)
10:00 – 17:00
会場CfSHEギャラリー(アーツ千代田3331内 B109)
〒101-0021 東京都千代田区外神田6丁目11-14-B109



Tuula Moilanenによる指導デモ、ディスカッション

Instructor training course for who aims to bring abroad the Japanese traditional techniques

1. Background of collecting applicants and summary of its guideline

Mokuhanga Innovation Laboratory (MI-LAB) arranged and managed by Center for the Scienece of Human Endeavor (CfSHE) have been offering occasion for learning the Mokuhanga (Water-based Woodblock Printmaking) to artists and educators in the world since 1997. Until now more than 200 had finished the laboratory, among which 6 have obtained doctor’s degree, 7 have made some publication, 28 engage in education, 39 have settled own studios, 22 became researchers, 6 coordinate some Artist-in-residence. Seen this situation, summer camps for foreign university students have been requested, as well as course for learning Mokuhanga, Ura-uchi (Paper Mounting), and Watoji (Book binding) have been required by university professors. In the past Mokuhanga course, the technical instruction has been made mainly, while in recent years it’s been highly appreciated the instruction with giving the explanation of tools, materials and expressive mean developed in Japan and its history and the social background so that making well understand the tradition.

In this course the applicants will study with the aim of becoming instructor abroad not only of the Japanese traditional technique but for explaining in English the histories of tools and materials, as well as our particular point of view for the nature, so that they transmit to the foreign artists the origin of the expressing approach by using Japanese nature-based materials and tools, getting to know them intensely. We believe that this program will offer educating occasion in the art academy abroad, and will contribute to the revitalization of Japanese Washi and other traditional materials. In the year 2018, we are having program where some of the participants will be dispatched to foreign art academies, universities and Artist-in-residence, so that they will practice at the site. This will make enable the new career formation of the artists.
Welcome the artist who intend to expand their activity to abroad based on Water-based Woodblock printmaking.

Main subjects to be learned in the course:
Water-based Woodblock Printmaking / Wa-toji (Book binding) / Ori-hon (Accordion book) / Maki-mono (Scroll) / Ura-uchi (Paper mounting) / Taku-hon (ink rubbing print)

Note: In this course participants are requested to be independent enough to make own proposal in the discussion about making textbook and instructing approach in collaboration with others. They are requested also to choose interested field among the above materials, for which they will make research through the course which will finally be realized in a form of text. In the final day the presentation and the textbook realized in English will be completed as a package to be shared among the participants.

2. Guidelines and requirements

Max attendees6
RequirementArtists in activity of around age 30.
InstructorTuula MOILANEN, Toshio SOYAMA, Tetsuo SOYAMA, Hidehiko GOTO (see the complete biography of instructors from here)
Fee30,000 JPY + VAT
ScheduleFri. 20th Oct. / Sat. 18th Nov. / Sat. 16th Dec. of 2017,
Sat. 20th Jan. / Sat. 17th Feb. / Sat. 24th Mar. of 2018
10:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.
VenueCfSHE Gallery (room B-109, Arts Chiyoda 3331)
Address: B109, 11-14, 6-chome, Sotokanda, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, Japan 101-0021
TEL: +81-050-3304-9001

3. Program details

Please note that the contents and schedule of the program are subject to modification.

1st day – 20th Oct.Showing participants’ own instructing way
Demonstration of Instruction by Tuula Moilanen and discussion
2nd day – 18th Nov.Water-based Woodblock Printmaking, Ura-uchi, Wa-toji
Lecture of Baren and history of tools and materials
3rd day – 16th Dec. Practical instruction of Ura-uchi, Wa-toji
4th day – 20th Jan.How to instruct in English the Water-based Woodblock Printmaking
5th day – 17th Feb.How to instruct in English the Water-based Woodblock Printmaking
6th day – 24th Mar.Individual presentation of English instructing