Takuji Hamanaka

Mokuhanga Teaching Career

  • Haystack Mountain School of crafts, ME
  • Penland School of Crafts, NC
  • Manhattan Graphics Center, New York NY
  • Center for Book Arts, New York NY
  • Pyramid Atlantic, Silver Spring MD
  • The Ink Shop Printmaking Center & Olive Branch Press, Ithaca NY
  • Center for Contemporary Printmaking, South Norwalk CT
  • Visual Arts Center of New Jersey, Summit NJ
  • Dublin Arts Council, Dublin OH
  • Nagasawa Artist Park, Japanese Woodblock Printmaking Program, Hyogo,Japan


Apprentice at The Adachi Institute of woodcut Prints, Tokyo Japan, learned traditional craft of Japanese style woodblock printing through working on reproduction of many Japanese Master such as Hokusai, Hiroshige, Utamaro among others. Worked as printer on various contemporary projects for 3 years, in Tokyo, Japan. In New York I worked at Watanabe studio where I work on various contemporary projects for artist such as Sol Lewitt, Donald Sultan among others.

One person show

2017 Owen James Gallery ( Forthcoming )
2015 Owen James Gallery, Brooklyn, NY
Sidney Larson Gallery, Columbia College, MO

Group Exhibitions

2016 Editions/Artists’ Books Fair, NY, NY ( Forthcoming )
International Print Biennale, UK ( Forthcoming )
Innervison: New Prints 2016 Summer, International Print Center, NY
Soeffker gallery, Hamline Gallery, MN ( Forthcoming ) Contemporary Mokuhanga, Cade Tompkins Projects, RI
2015 St Joseph’s College Council for the Arts Brooklyn, NY
Embraced: The International Community, The Center for Book Arts, NY, NY
Estampes aventureuses, Gallery Grand E’terna, Paris, France
2014 Kentler International Drawing Space, Brooklyn, NY
These Arabesques, Associated, Two person show with Ryan Brennan, Brooklyn NY
Abstract American Mokuhanga, Sheehan Gallery, Whitman College, Walla Walla, WA
Galerie Brun Leglise, Gravure Contemporaine. Artistes du Manhattan Graphics Center, Paris, France
2013 NYFA Curatorial, Warburg Realty, New York, NY
2012 Theo Ganz Studio, Prints Without Pixels, Beacon NY
2010 International Print Center New York New prints 2010/Spring, NY International Print Center New York New prints 2010/Autumn, NY


2011 Fellowship, New York Foundation for the Arts, NY, NY
2016 KALA Art Institute Fellowship, Berkeley, CA

Arist Residency

2013 Barbara and Thomas Putnam Fellow at MacDowell Colony, NH
2013-2014 Open Studios, Museum of Arts and Design, New York
2014 Open Studio Residency, Haystack Mountain School of Crafts, ME

www.tuulamoilanen.netPrintmaker, Book artist, Doctor of Arts
Head of the Finnish Woodcut Artists Society
Member of the Association of Finnish Printmakers
Lived in Kyoto, Japan 1989-2012.
Opened mokuhanga-studio in Helsinki in 2012.


Annual solo and group exhibitions in Europe since 1980, in Japan since 1990. Participated in many group exhibitions in USA and Canada since 2000. Several books and articles about ukiyo-e prints, Japanese art and culture since 1995. Instructor of printmaking (woodcut, intaglio, silkscreen) in many art institutions in Finland since 1983. Papermaking workshops in Finland 1991-95. Several workshops and special courses in traditional Japanese woodblock printmaking since 1995 at the Finnish Academy of Fine Arts and at the Aalto University, School of Arts, Design and Architecture, Helsinki. Advanced mokuhanga courses also in Helsinki University Lahti dep./ Palmenia in 2009-2015.



1951 Born in Niigata prefecture
1971 Graduated from Kuwasawa Design School
1971 Studied silkscreen from Saito Process Studio
1975 Worked at a design office
1977 Worked at Fuji Art Printmaking Studio and apprenticed to Kihachi Kimura
1982 Worked at Okamoto Studio and became a master printer of Toshio Arimoto
1983 Founded the Fuji Graphics Printmaking Workshop
1993-1995 Travelled to Italy, China and the US to introduce Japanese culture.
1995 Participated in the Second Mokuhanga Print Workshop at Awaji Island
2007 Co-wrote a book “Printmaking – Advancing Technique and Expression”
2017 Co-founded FUJI PRINT ART LAB

Toshio became interested in American Pop Art and printmaking technique while working as a graphic designer. In 1977, he became a printer of Fuji Art Printmaking Studio and specialized lithography and copperplate printing. He established the Fuji Graphics Printmaking Workshop in 1983 and printed for a number of prominent artists both from Japan and abroad, by silkscreen, lithography and copperplate printing. In 1983, he printed Toshio Arimoto’s publication “Issen Ichibyou Monogatari” and mokuhanga prints. In 1988, he invited Chicago based artist Ghita Hardimon to organize a Viscosity Printing workshop. In 2017, he established FUJI PRINT ART LAB for printing, workshop, teaching and research.



1951 Born in Niigata prefecture
1972 Studied at Musashino Art University, Design Department
1972-1983 Studied sliding, plate making, and photos under printer Saito Kusuo at silk-screen workshop Saito Process
1983-2016 Worked at the Fuji Graphics Printmaking Workshop as a master printer
1987 Conducted a field research in China regarding Chinese paper; visited the tomb of Cai Lun, papermakers and museums
1998 Participated in Nagasawa Art Park, Artist in residence
1999 Conducted a field research in Italy; visited Fabriano Paper Mills and printmaking studios in Italy
2000 Studied papermaking for one year at Oagawa Washi in Saitama prefecture and Kubota washi in Shimane prefecture
2001 Conducted a field research in the US and Germany; visited commercial galleries, museums, ink companies, venders of printmaking tools and materials, and artist studios
2013 Organized an exhibition “Works of Master Printers” in Niigata Prefecture
2017 Co-founded FUJI PRINT ART LAB

From 1972 to 1982, Tetsuo apprenticed to a printer Saito Kusuo at silk-screen workshop Saito Process and studied printmaking techniques including sliding, plate making, and photos through working with artists, designers, photographers and textile artists. In 1984, he co-founded Fuji Graphics Printmaking Studio in Tokyo with his brother Toshio Soyama, with whom he has printed for a number of international projects and commissions from high-profiled artists and designers. Through collaborating with artists with strong characters, he researched printing, plate-making, printing paper, ink and so on. His research particularly focused on paper and visited both European and Japanese papermakers from 1985 onward. He also studied washi, mokuhanga, paper mounting, bookbinding. He is currently teaching mokuhanga, paper backing, Japanese bookbinding techniques at MI-LAB.

Hidehiko GOTO


Born in Fukuoka Prefecture in 1953. After studying mokuhanga at an art school, Goto apprenticed at master printers and learned printing and baren making. He established Baren Studio Kikuhide. He produces hon-baren as well as other kinds of baren and mokuhnaga related tools. He organizes baren-making workshop at art universities, museums and adult schools. He started “Ginza: Intensive Workshop in Baren-making” – teaching traditional baren-making in Ginza, Tokyo. In 2013, he received “Officially Designated Traditional Craft Products Industry Award” Grand Prix. To protect baren’s skin – bamboo skins – he has looked after bamboo forests in Kyushu since 2009.

He continues to create and exhibit mokuhanga prints alongside baren making. His mokuhanga prints are internationally reputed; he is represented by Tolman Collection Gallery Tokyo, Yoseido Gallery and The Verne Collection. (U.S.A)


2007 Chief Technical advisor on baren and mokuhanga to Bunyusha Publishing Co. for “Hanga Evolving Techniques and Expression”
2010 Authored ”Baren – How to Make and Use Traditional Baren”, published by Bunyusha Publishing Co.