2018.07.22 [MI-LAB][AIR] 河口湖レジデンス Lake Kawaguchi Artist-In-Residence – ベーシックBがスタート Now Basic Training B course is ongoing
2018.06.15 [AIR][CfSHE] レジデンスプログラム Residency Program アドバンス・プログラムDアーテイスト・トーク実施 Artist talk event with Advanced Program artists
2018.06.10 [MI-LAB][CfSHE] プリンストン大学CfSHEサマーキャンプ実施(6月10~14日)MI-LAB Summer Camp for Princeton University on June 10/14.
2018.06.10 [MI-LAB][AIR] 河口湖レジデンス Lake Kawaguchi Artist-In-Residence – アドバンスDがスタート Now Advanced D course is ongoing
2018.05.31 [MI-LAB] カンザス大学MI-LABサマーキャンプ実施(6月7日迄)- 多摩美術大学共同プログラム MI-LAB Summer Camp for Kansas University in collaboration with Tama Art University is now ongoing

2018 Basic Training Program B

A Mokuhanga Residence program has newly started! The following 6 artists stay and work at Lake Kawaguchi from July 22 to August 25, 2018.

Catherine Liu (USA)

Julia McKinlay (UK)

Mee Ming Wong (Canada / Hong Kong)

Paloma Barhaugh-Bordas (USA)

Paulina Brunner (Germany)

Stephanie Peters (Australia)


To receive the most recent program information from us, please complete a registration form and send it to us by e-mail, at the same time telling us the year and the program in which you are interested. On receipt of your application, we will in due course send you by e-mail the latest timetable and other information.

To download the registration form, please click here (PDF) or here (DOC)