2019.7.2 [MI-LAB][CfSHE] 上級者コース成果展 “Light/Shade” 7月6日17:00より Collective exhibition by artists of MI-LAB Upper Advanced Program “Light/Shade” opens from July 6 at 5 p.m.
2019.6.1 [MI-LAB][AIR] 上級者コースがスタート Upper Advanced Program has started
2019.5.1 [CfSHE] ミア・オー個展 “Present” 18日より Mia O Solo Exhibition “Present” opens from 18th
2019.4.14 [MI-LAB][AIR] ベーシックAがスタート Basic Training Program A has started
2019.3.5 [CfSHE] 木版画クロスカルチャー展 6日より Exhibition “Mokuhanga Cross Culture” opens from 6th

2019 Upper Advanced Program

This year seven former MI-LAB artists have united at Lake Kawaguchi Mokuhanga Residency for Upper Advanced Program. The following artists have stayed and worked at Lake Kawaguchi from June 1 to July 5, 2019.

Kathleen (Katie) Baldwin (USA)

Mariko Jesse (UK)

Patty Hudak (USA)

Kate MacDonagh (Ireland)

Yoonmi Nam (Korea/USA)

Lucy May Schofield (UK)

Melissa Schulenberg (USA)


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