2019.10.27 [MI-LAB][AIR] ベーシックCがスタート Basic Training Program C has started
2019.10.10 [MI-LAB][CfSHE] 展覧会 “錦秋” は台風の接近により予定していた12日(土)は閉廊し、14日(月)に開廊・最終日となります。 The Exhibition “Kinshū” closes on October 12 and open on Monday, 14 instead.
2019.10.6 [MI-LAB][AIR] 2020年AIR追加募集*10/25締切 Additional Open call for 2020 AIR programs *Deadline: October 25
2019.9.25 [MI-LAB][CfSHE] 2019年アドバンス・プログラム成果展 “錦秋” 10月4日より Advanced Program Exhibition “Kinshū” opens from October 4.
2019.9.16 [MI-LAB][AIR] ベーシックBがスタート Basic Training Program B has started

2019 Basic Training Program C

This year’s last Program has started. The following 6 artists will stay and work at Lake Kawaguchi Residence Studio from October 27 to November 30, 2019.

Areej Abdi (UK)

Vincent Desplanche (France)

Kit Eastman (USA)

Amy Fleischer (USA)

Isabel Flores González-Moro (Spain)

Nélida Zubia (Spain)

2020 Mokuhanga Residency Program

(Click the image to zoom in) Here is the Updated information about the next year’s Residency Program. To know more details and to apply, please wait for the next open-call expected around this October on this website. You can subscribe to our mailing-list to receive updates from us through email; please scroll down to the bottom of this page to get registration form.


To receive the most recent program information from us, please complete a registration form and send it to us by e-mail, at the same time telling us the year and the program in which you are interested. On receipt of your application, we will in due course send you by e-mail the latest timetable and other information.

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