MI-LAB AIR 2022の成果 Result Exhibitions of MI-LAB AIR 2022 


会場CfSHE Gallery(アーツ千代田3331 地下B109)
会期12月9日(金) 〜11日(日) BPA、BPC
12月23日(金)〜25日(日) ADP
1月27日(金)〜29日(日) カンザス大学

We are pleased to inform you that the result exhibitions will be held as follows. In each program so many wonderful prints have been created after intensive work for 5 weeks. Please visit our gallery and view them.

PlaceCfSHE Gallery(Arts Chiyoda 3331, B109)
Dates & TimeDec. 9 (Fri) – 11 (Sun), BPA, BPC
Dec. 16 (Fri) – 18 (Sun), BPB
Dec. 23 (Fri) – 25 (Sun), ADP
Jan. 27 (Fri) – 29 (Sun), University of Kasas
12:00-18:00 (till 17:00 on Sundays)