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We deal with tools (carving knives, barens and brushes) and Japanese paper for woodblock printmaking.
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High speed carving knives (7pieces / ¥22,770)

The blade is made of sharp high-speed steel whose performance is very good on plywood for woodcut.
The chisels can be disassembled and be easily sharpened. 

  • Size (mm): knife 6, U-chisels 3 & 6, flat chisels 1.5, 3,& 6, V-chisel 4.5 
  • The handles are made from Sakura.
  • The length of the handles: 110 mm
  • The total length: 130 mm
  • The blade: high-speed steel (Michihamono) 

*Overseas shipping is only by DHL.

Sosaku baren pad, sumi-ban ink block and beta-ban color block(¥11,000)

They are reasonable, but manufactured very well. They are covered of bamboo sheath, and suitable for professional use. 

  • 【Beta-ban (color block)】The cord is 8-swist and suitable for printing a wide color section and thick paper. 
  • 【Sumi-ban (ink block)】The cord is 4-swist and suitable for printing thin lines and gradation.
  • Diameter 13 cm (Michihamono)

*Overseas shipping is only by DHL.

Sosaku brush and Sosaku hake (9pieces / ¥13,640)

Sosaku brush and Sosaku hake (9 pieces)

These brushes are often used in woodblock printmaking. 

  • 【Sosaku hake (hand brush)】The end of hair is split and softened. Strong hair spreads the paint well, and the soft tips of the hair can contain a sufficient amount of paint.
  • 【Sosaku brush (round brush)】
    The hair is strong and its tis are soft. It is after “hake-oroshi” treatment. (Michihamono)

*Overseas shipping is only by DHL.

BAREN core used for Murasaki Baren

The Murasaki Baren has been the favorite among printmakers for many years. It is a product of high quality and can be purchased at affordable prices. The baren shin (core) is made of twisted tetron/nylon cords whose quality is very close to the ones made of bamboo sheath. The ategawa (backing) is sawn and molded by a specialist from high quality shina (basswood) plywood, then coated with matt black lacquer, making it easy to hold and use.

Medium core 12cm(¥11,000)・13cm (¥13,500)

This type of baren can be used for a wide range of prints.
It is suitable for paper thin and medium thickness.

made by Baren Studio Kikuhide

Coarse core 12cm(¥11,000)・13cm (¥13,500)

This type of baren is good for tsubushi (flat color) and suitable for thicker paper. 
The cord is twisted with two types of threads to make it more uneven, which enhance the effectiveness of rubbing.

made by Baren Studio Kikuhide

Fine core 12cm(¥15,500)・13cm (¥20,500)

This type of baren is quite similar to the Hon Baren Fine core.
It is the most suitable for printing delicately carved areas and for thin paper.

Fine core

 Soft Murasaki, Medium core 12cm(¥14,500)・13cm (¥19,500)

This type of baren is soft as feather and seldom leaves baren marks. 
It is suitable for printing delicately carved area.

made by Baren Studio Kikuhide

Soft Murasaki, Fine core  12cm (¥18,500)・13cm (¥25,500)

Soft Murasaki, Fine core

This type of baren is the most suitable for printing extremely delicate lines.
Try this one if you aren’t satisfied with the result of Soft Murasaki Medium cord.

made by Baren Studio Kikuhide

Super Murasaki 12.5cm (¥19,500)

This type of baren gives the most powerful effect among of all from the Murasaki Baren series. Try it and experience the feeling of surprise once this all means

made by Baren Studio Kikuhide

Echizen-hosho (25, 50, 100 sheets / JPY2,000/sheet)

Echizen-hosho (10sheets)

They will have the winter papermaking season after new year Holidays of 2021. We will sell them by pre-order. The delivery will start in April, 2021. (Ozu Washi)
*Price list for overseas shipping

MI-LAB original apron

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