『HYŌSŌへの誘い ―木版画表装ワークショップ成果展―』


“Invitation to HYŌSŌ – the achievement exhibition of hyōsō workshop for mokuhanga artworks-“

February 19 (Fri) – 23 (Tue), 2021, 12:00-18:00 (till 17:00 on the last day)

(English follows.)




Hyōsō (zhuangbiao) is the traditional method to make hanging scrolls, scrolls, folding screens and sketchbooks with cloth and paper for framing artworks.
We are going to show the result of hyōsō workshop for MI-LAB instructors-artists held in December, 2020 and January, 2021. The participants made files, cases, boxes, scrolls and hanging scrolls. At first the artists chose materials whose colors and patterns matched their works. The master taught them traditional hyōsō techniques and the artists made their hyōsō pieces one by one.
Both hyōsō and mokuhanga (woodblock printmaking) are techniques rooted in traditional Japanese culture. They match very well, look nice together and have a big potential not only in the world of antique, but also in the world of contemporary art. Please come and take a look at the charming hyōsō pieces, which is a bit different from frames.

*We are planning to show a video in which the master of this workshop Mr. Toshio Soyama will explain hyōsō. Please enjoy it as well.

Artists: Ayao Shiokawa, Chihiro Taki, Tomomi Furukawa, Yuta Konno, Keiko Kobayashi