Pressure-accumulation type automatic spray (outlet)  蓄圧式スプレー(アウトレット)




We have started sales of the same pressure-accumulation type automatic sprays as are used in the MI-LAB workshops.
Pressure is accumulated by pushing the pump at the top. Then push the button to release a very fine mist evenly. This spray is very suitable for such delicate processes as moistening Japanese paper and mounting.


Manufactured by Maruhachi Sangyo Co., Ltd. / 製造元:マルハチ産業株式会社

Video of spraying / 噴霧の映像

Specification / 仕様 Capacity / 容量 320 ml Size / サイズ W165×D85×H200mm

Price / 価格
Normal product / 通常製品 List price/定価 JPY13,200
Overseas sales price (non taxable) / 海外販売価格(非課税)** JPY12,000

Outlet product / アウトレット製品*
List price/定価 JPY9,900
Overseas sales price (non taxable) / 海外販売価格(割引、非課税)** JPY9,000
  * The body is dented during the manufacturing process. There is no problem with the spraying function.

**There is no consumption tax on overseas sales. / 海外向けの販売には消費税が掛かりません。

PayPal fee and EMS shipping fee will be charged separately. / PayPal手数料とEMS送料が別途かかります。


Additional information

Weight 720 kg