CfSHE Short term Mokuhanga and Craft Arts Workshop


Center for the Science of Human Endeavor (CfSHE) and MI-LAB (Mokuhanga Innovation Laboratory Artist-in-Residence) offers an opportunity to learn mokuhanga (water-based woodblock printmaking) as well as related crafts and Japanese traditional arts. The programs are designed to enable international artists and not, to learn the fundamentals of mokuhanga and its related crafts within few days.
The programs provide practical instruction as well as the introduction of theory and methods, knowledge about tools, and their history. We promise to the artists the encounters with new expressive methods, which we hope will contribute to their future practice. Some courses also provide the guidance of Ura-uchi (paper mounting) technique.
Number of attendees is limited, which allows instructor to support each participant’s study carefully. It means that at the end of the course Mokuhanga beginner will enjoy meeting and working on introductive Mokuhanga with its cultural backgroud, and Mokuhanga artists with experience will deepen their skill and find out solution to problems in their own study.
The workshops are led by some of the MI-LAB Residency Instructors.


*The program details/order may change by condition of the workshop. For more details and how to apply, please scroll down to the bottom of this page.

(NEW) 1-day Postcard printing workshop / 2-days Mokuhanga beginner class

In 1-day workshop, the participants will produce a post card size print by learning how to work on multi-colored water-based printing technique. You can realize your original hand-made card for Christmas, New year’s greeting, or gift greetings. Woodblocks carved in this workshop can be reused to print further cards by yourselves.
In 2-days workshop, the participants will create their own small artwork of multiple colors, with obtaining a glance of professional technique of Mokuhanga. You will also be informed with how Mokuhanga acts in contemporary art scene by active young artists. Beginners without any artistic background are very welcome to this course (age limit: over 12 years old).

 [Participation fee for 1-DAY in 2019] ¥6,500 + tax and fee/day
[Participation fee for 1-DAY in 2020] ¥9,500 + tax and fee/day
  (use of tools and materials included)
 [Hours] 13:00 – 17:00
 [Schedule 1-DAY workshop]
  November 10 (Sun.) 2019 – Christmas card making
  December 18 (Wed.) 2019 – New year’s card making
  January 11 (Sat.) 2020
  February 18 (Wed.) 2020
  March 14 (Sat.) 2020
  May 17 (Sun.) 2020
  Jun 6 (Sat.) 2020
  August 1 (Sat.) 2020
  August 5 (Wed.) 2020
  September 12 (Sat.) 2020
  November 17 (Sat.) 2020 – Christmas card making
  December 2 (Wed.) 2020 – New Year’s card making

 [Participaion fee for 2-DAYS] ¥25,000 + tax and fee (use of tools and materials included)
 [Hours] 10:00 – 17:00 each day
 [Schedule 2-DAYS workshop]
  April 25 (Sat.) / 26 (Sun.) 2020
  October 24 (Sat.) / 25 (Sun.) 2020

5-Day / 4-Day Mokuhanga Workshop

The participants will produce a multi-colored print in two or three colors. We will also provide information about mokuhanga suppliers, exhibitions and shops so that you can enjoy the wealth of culture and creativity in Tokyo. You can also order the working tools at a discounted price to get your own.
1st day & 2nd day
– Introduction of mokuhanga and its tools and materials
– Transferring image to the woodblock and Carving instruction
– Paper preparation; how to dampen papers
– (only for 5-Days program) Printing demonstration in various effects (Tsubushi-zuri, Goma-zuri, and Bokashi-zuri)
– Printing instruction with one color, How to use Baren and Multi-color printing instruction
3rd day:
– Proceeding with 2nd woodblock under the guidance
4th Day: working on 2nd/3rd image and printing 5/6 editions each
(only for 5-Days program) 5th Day: Working on 2nd/3rd image and printing 5/6 editions each
 [Instructor] Toshio Soyama (Master Printer)
 [Participaion fee] – use of tools and materials included.
  (4-days) ¥73,568 JPY + tax and fee
  (5-days) ¥87,581 JPY + tax and fee
  5-DAYS: 3 Tue – 7 Sat, December 2019
  4-DAYS: April 2 (Thu.) – 5 (Sun.) 2020
  5-DAYS: June 17 (Wed.) – 21 (Sun.) 2020
  4-DAYS: October 1 (Thu.) – 4 (Sun.) 2020

3-day Mokuhanga Workshop

The participants will produce a multi-colored print with a simple image. The instructor will support the participants to finish at least one complete Mokuhanga piece to learn the whole procedure.
1st day
– Introduction of mokuhanga and its tools and materials
– Tracing and Carving instruction, Paper preparation
2nd day
– Printing demonstration
– Printing instruction with one color, How to use Baren and Multi-color printing instruction
3rd day
– Carving and Printing under the guidance
– Carving and printing 5/6 editions each

 [Instructor] Toshio Soyama (Master Printer)
 [Participaion fee] ¥59,555 + tax and fee – use of tools and materials included.
  April 10 (Fri.) – 12 (Sun.) 2020
  August 7 (Fri.) – 9 (Sun.) 2020

Paper Mounting & Book binding workshop

Paper Mounting Workshop

The workshop offers the closely entwined technique of paper mounting (Ura-uchi). Paper mounting enables better conservation and presentation of work on paper. Learning the technique also enriches the understanding of water-based printing and the characteristics of washi.
Ura-uchi workshop lasts half a day.

Japanese scroll

Makimono, the Japanese scroll is the oldest Japanese form of book made of paper, known as ones for letter or old narrative. Kakejiku, scroll of framed art, is also a type of Makimono. Learning this material will help you not only to feel close to the Japanese old culture and old people’s sensibility and attention to materials and tools, but to give some new inspiration to contemporary printmaking (and not) artists.
Paper mounting (Ura-uchi) enables better conservation and presentation of work on paper. Learning the technique also enriches the understanding of water-based printing and the characteristics of washi.
Beginners, artist, and all types of printmakers are welcome.

Folding book & 4-holes bookbinding

Ori-Hon, Japanese folding book, was invented after Makimono folding the inside papers, making them in a shape of multiple panels and attaching hard cover pages. Now it is commonly used as Goshuin-cho, seal-collecting book for people at a pilgrimage to shrines. It can be made with almost any type of papers or fabrics as cover.
Yotsume-Toji-Hon, Japanese four-holes bookbinding is old, but convenient, firm and ecologic method to make books. It can be learned just like sawing, and then you can enjoy decorating with thread on the cover. You can also make your book with preferred paper as cover.

 [Schedule 2019] 21 Thu – 24 Sun, November
 [Instructor] Toshio Soyama
 [Participation fee] ¥73,320 JPY + Material fee ¥2,000 JPY + VAT and fee


Number of attendees for each workshop: 3-5

1-day Postcard Mokuhanga workshop: ¥6,500 + VAT + fee
2-DAYS Mokuhanga beginner class: ¥25,000 + VAT + fee
Early bird discount is applied to who completed application by 1 month prior to each courses among 3/4/5 days workshop.
3-days Mokuhanga workshop: ¥59,555 + VAT + PayPal Handling fee
4-days Mokuhanga workshop: ¥73,568 + VAT + PayPal Handling fee
5-days Mokuhanga workshop: ¥87,581 + VAT + PayPal Handling fee
4-days Bookbinding workshop: ¥73,320 JPY + Material fee ¥2,000 JPY + VAT + PayPal Handling fee

The above prices include all the consumable materials and use of tools except some materials for Japanese scroll and Folding book Workshop. Extra materials will be informed at the reservation.


Venue: CfSHE Gallery: Arts Chiyoda 3331 B109, 11-14, 6-chome, Sotokanda, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, Japan 101-0021
Hours: 1-DAY workshop is held from 1:00 p.m. to 5 p.m.
   The Other workshops will be held at working hour 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. (lunch time: at 12 to 1 p.m.) each day.


To apply for the course, please go to the application form page (open in new tab).
If you would need further information or just inquiry, please send us message from contact form.


Toshio Soyama
Toshio became interested in American Pop Art and printmaking technique while working as a graphic designer. In 1977, he became a printer of Fuji Art Printmaking Studio and specialized lithography and copperplate printing. He established the Fuji Graphics Printmaking Workshop in 1983 and printed for a number of prominent artists both from Japan and abroad, by silkscreen, lithography and copperplate printing. In 1983, he printed Toshio Arimoto’s publication “Issen Ichibyou Monogatari” and mokuhanga prints. In 1988, he invited Chicago based artist Ghita Hardimon to organize a Viscosity Printing workshop. In 2017, he established FUJI PRINT ART LAB for printing, workshop, teaching and research.

Ayao Shiokawa
MA Tama Art University Printmaking Course, Department of Painting
BA Tokyo National University of Fine Arts and Music MA Program, Printmaking Course
2015 suri no yohaku. Onomichi art university museum
2014 (solo) “project N 57” Tokyo Opera City Art Gallary
2013 ameno-oto. hoshi-wo omou. nishimikado salone
2012 (solo) “Light from dead stars”MONTBLANC Japan, Tokyo
2012 yougen-ji gallery Amu
2012 Saeka enokura + Ayao shiokawa ” ex-place” SLASH by Kayoko yuki
2011 Azumi Sakata + Ayao Shiokawa “Ametsuchi no Hajime”, Bambinart gallery
2010 (solo) KIDO Press,”Moonlight in Daylight”
2010 “Mont Blanc Young Artist patronage in Japan 2010”, Mont Blanc, Ginza,Tokyo
2010 “Chocolats del toro Fuchu”  LOOPHOLE
2009 Assent prize, Hida-takayama contemporary woodblock prints biennale
2009 Flexible containers “Six artists crossing the boundaries of senses”
2008 (solo) KIDO Press, “Shadow in mirror”
2008 Tosa Washi Prize, 7th Kouchi International Triennial Exhibition Of Prints

Akiruno City, Tokyo
Machida City Museum of Graphic Art
Tosa Washi  International Committee


5 days` Workshop ( September 27~October 1)

Yezid Vergara Gonzalez and Christine Dürr are participated in the workshop.